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Meet Cindy

     Cindy's years of experience working closely with older adults and their families started young.  Having been born to older parents, she spent her youth surrounded by the elderly and infirm.  At twelve, Cindy’s disabled father retired to fight life and illness.  Drawn to what she knew best, Cindy turned to work in a career with seniors and their families to help them navigate the journey of loss. Loss of health. Loss of independence. Loss of the role of parent.  Gradual loss from Alzheimer’s. 



What I Specialize In




The Sandwich Generation 

Senior Living


 Begin Your Journey Today.

Cindy's Summit is a must read during this time of global and personal transformations."

- Fara Gold

I appreciated how Summit pointed out that we can’t just hope or wish our situation away – we have to plan, strategize, and face the things we fear the most."

- Phyllis Flowers

I am the mountain!"

- Paige Springfield

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