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Borrowed Time

Borrowed Time brings to mind the end. She's living on 'borrowed time'. Aren't we all? If I were told I had six months to live -- how does that change me? Last week I had no idea that I might not only have six months, six weeks, six days, six minutes. It's all borrowed time. Time doesn't belong to any of us. We may think it does. We don't have enough time. We are running out of time. We need to 'make time'.

When I was young, one of my favorite sayings was, Time is Money. It became my motto. Time is money. I was a champion babysitter, never refusing a job. Why would I? Time was money. And, I was 12. I had time on my hands. Time to spare. Nothing but time. As a teenager, I walked into a car dealership with cash in hand for my first car. I had used my time wisely; and took the time to save my money to get what I wanted most. Freedom. So I could fill my time with friends and school and fun. I could waste time. Until time moved on; and time became more scarce. The more time I exchanged for money, the more I needed. There was never enough. Time or money. Time became my greatest commodity. I never have enough time. Time became precious. In today's world, there are more time saving technology and devices than ever before in the history of mankind. We certainly have more time now than our parents had. For example, to get where you are right now, you probably used your phone and your car. Directions and routes are automatic. Point A to point B. Done. Global positioning told you how long it would take you to get here, with or without traffic, calculated the distance in feet and miles; and a voice comes through to tell you where and when to turn – and redirects you if you make a mistake. How would our parents have achieved even this very simple task that we take for granted? They carried around maps or street guides, planned their routes, measured the miles and calculated by hand how far it was and how long it might take. They might have hand written directions to follow with street names, and they probably left 30 minutes earlier than their calculations projected to accommodate for errors or delays. Aha.... I may have just discovered the reason you can't attend any event with seniors that they do not arrive 20 - 30 minutes prior to the event start time!! But, for us, we don't have to waste any time at all. Thirty seconds on the phone. We are really saving time. We must have time to spare.  Time on our hands. We have cars and planes and washing machines and microwaves, and blow dryers. We have We have email, internet, and text messaging. I have the ability to electronically send my every thought and feeling and random meal instantly to everyone I know and hundreds of people I don't know. I must have time to spare. Time to give away. Time to think. Time to spend with my loved ones. We aren't on borrowed time -- we have time to give away. Time for those on borrowed time. Who have nothing but time. Who live for just a few more moments of your time. For them, time is precious. Time is scarce. Couldn't they borrow just a little of your time?

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