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Find the Good!

With everything that’s happening in our world today, it’s hard to stay positive and keep our spirits up. Quarantine from COVID is impacting our work and income, and it’s stressful enough without the added impact of not having access to our loved ones at risk.

This is a situation we cannot control. Guidelines are in place, mandates are determined, and whether you agree or disagree, you cannot change it in the short term. So, we just have to deal with it. And since we can’t change it, I choose to use a positive lens – and find the good. Here’s a few examples of what I mean:

There’s No Place Like Home. I’m content to be at home. Before the lock-down, I would have said working from home was the kiss of death to productivity. (If my boss is reading this, look away!) But, like so many times in life, I was wrong. With the choice taken out of my hands, I simply re-framed how I looked at my home office and the tasks that I needed to accomplish. Now, when I sit down at my desk, I’m here to work – not gather files and race out the door. And instead of chatting with co-workers over coffee or in the hallway, I do the dishes or walk the dog. Overall, I’m more efficient in work, both personally and professionally. And I never even mentioned the eliminated commute time, sweatpants or slippers.

Techno-Wizard. I’m better with technology. Given the chance, I could have happily exited my time on earth without ever having participated in a video conference. Seriously. NEVER is when that was on my radar! Now? The forced immersion into the Land of Zoom proves that it is easy, efficient and here forever. And, what a time saver! No more driving all over town to have a short meeting. Hop on a call and move on. I’m even scheduling Zoom calls with friends and family. I feel better connected than ever before and it’s fantastic!

Less is More. I have less responsibilities. Who are we kidding? Sometimes it’s a blessing to get off the merry-go-round of expectations, tasks and efforts to DO everything, BE everywhere. I’m not rushing out the door, trying to get in one last stop before hitting the door to get dinner on the table so we can still hit the gym before the night is over. Every time I eliminate something from the schedule, it’s only been replaced by another thing I thought I really NEEDED to squeeze into an already full schedule. No more! I am loving the slower pace. Sure, I miss gatherings and talking without shouting to be heard through my mask, but I’m finding more enjoyment in the little things.

Cha-Ching! I’m saving money! Who knew how little I really needed? No expensive coffees, lunch or dinner out. No retail therapy at Target or the mall. No gas! Come on! My stimulus package is the lack of funds racing out of my checking account on things I buy that I can live without.

So, as much as I hate COVID and mourn the loss of our dear friend Betty – I’m finding the good. What good have you found during this unusual time in our lives?

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